Second session

Second session

2013 2sd World Health Industry Conference opened at the National Conf. Center

Beijing Xinhua News : April 7, 2013, is the 63rd World Health Day (called “World Hygienic Day” in Chinese Custom: ) At the same time, it is the opening day of the 2013 World Health Industry Conference (WHIC), the highest-level event of the global health industry. The opening ceremony of the 2013 World Health Industry Conference was held at Beijing National Conference Center, China.

Zhou Tienong,Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Eleventh National People's Congress of China, attended the opening ceremony of the Conference, Cao Zeyi, President of the 2013 World Health Industry Conference and Former Vice Minister of Health of China, announced the 2013 World Health Industry Conference opening. Minister Meng Wenxing of the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Cambodia delivered a congratulation speech! Gu Kaiyuan, the General Secretary of the 2013 World Health Industry Conference, presided the conference with an opening ceremony.

Wu Gang, Deputy Director of the  the Ministry of health China State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Ministry of Health of China; Chi Zhou, Chairman of the China-Russia Federation and Chairman of China-Russia Business Daily; CEO Jeffery, China-America Health Products Association, The Chairman of the U.S.-China Council for the Promotion of Economy and Trade, President of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of the United States of America, Wu, Barter, Chairman of the Japan-China Business Exchange, and other relevant leaders and guests made speeches. Mr. Huang Mingda, Permanent Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Executive Chairman of the International Forum of the 2013 World Health Industries Conference, presented the theme report "Innovation and Development of Human Health Industries in the 21st Century" on behalf of the Organizing Committee.

 Dr. Tahir Erez, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister of Albania, Dr. Wang Minqing, Director of the General Office of the Central Health Council of China, Zhao Wenxiang, Chairman of the China Health and Nutrition Council and Vice President of the China Medical Promotion Association, Yu Xiaodong, Director of the Public Nutrition and Development Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, Professor Pan Yong'An, Vice Director of the Organizing Committee of the National Heart Series Activities, Dr. Chen Houqi, Professor at the University of Illinois School of Medicine, and Dr. Saphonn Vonthanak, Director of the Health Sciences Academy, Dr. Daniel Burrick, President, APEC, Cambodia, Pakistan's Minister to China, Sadr Aminula Khan, Pakistan's Counsellor for Science and Technology in China, Zemir-A Wan, Miyamoto, Director of the, Minister of Mauritania Boufreiwa Abdderrahmane, Commercial Counsellor of Bangladesh Ruhidas Joddar, Minister Counsellor Bayram Hasanov of Azerbaijan, Counsellor Syrian Arab Republic Dr. Youssef Al counsellor Dr. Shoum and other Guests attended the opening ceremony of the Conference.

During the opening of the 2013 World Health Industry Conference,the famous Chinese calligraphers donated calligraphy works and the National Sports Administration Tai Chi Champion Team performed Tai Chi for all guests.2013 World Health Industry Conference was solemnly opened !

Zhou Tienong, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 11th National People's Congress of China, Cao Zeyi, Chairman of the National People's Congress, and Wang Minqing, Director of the Central Health Bureau, attended the Conference


The Minister of Health and Special Envoy of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Mong Man Hsing, at the Conference



General Secretary of the Organizing Committee of “World Health Industry Conference” Ku Kaiyuan, presides the opening ceremony


Speech of Wu Gang, Deputy Director of Chinese Medicine Administration, China Ministry of Health


Speech of Peter Chi, President of the Russian-Chinese Alliance and Chairman of the Chinese-Russian Business Daily


Jeffery, CEO of American Chinese Health Products Association, addressed his speech

Aoyama Guozhao, Chairman of Japan-China Business Exchange, addressed his speech


Mr. Barter, President of the American Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, addressed his speech


Mr. Huang Mingda, Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations Millennium Development Goals, and Executive Chairman of “World Health Industry Conference”, China


Tai Chi Quan champion team of the State General Administration of Sport, performed on the podium


Famous calligrapher Du Xinyuan and Zhang Yanqing donated calligraphy works at the opening ceremony of the 2013 “World Health Industry Conference”


A Corner of the Opening Ceremony of the 2013 World Health Industry Conference