Past Conferences

Past Conferences

The 2012 first World Health Industry Conference opened on World Health Day

The international forum of the 2012 World Health Industry Conference and the opening ceremony of the thirteenth "health fair"


Beijing Xinhua News: On April 7, 2012, is the sixty-second World Health Day (Chinese custom: World Hygienic Day) It is also the day of the World Health Industry Conference (WHIC), the world's top health industry event. The opening ceremony of the 2012 World Health Industry Conference which is an International Forum and Health Fair was held in the square in front of the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. Political and economic leaders and industry elites from more than 30 countries, including the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, have gathered in Beijing. The Global Health Revolution was witnessed with 38,500 visitors attending the Expo from 27 different countries.


Jia Qinglin,Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Congress(CPPCC), sent a congratulatory message to the conference: <> German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Singapore President Chen Qingyan, World Health Organization Representative Lan Ruiming, International Business Federation President Wang He Nian and other domestic and foreign leaders and group organizations called  for congratulation. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee, former Vice Minister of Health of China, and Honorary President of China Health Care International Exchange Association Cao Zeyi delivered the opening speech at the opening ceremony, Representative of the International Congress, CEO of American Chinese Health Products Association Jeffery, Representative of China Congress, Zhang Guang 101 President of Zhao Xuliang delivered a speech.


The meeting invited Wu Gang, Deputy Director of China's State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and  Barter, Chairman of the US-China Council for the Promotion of Economy and Trade, Karl Heinsler, President, Tianneng Institute for Life Sciences, Japan; MP Tokio Matsushima, Japan; and Kang Won-ho, President, Korea Organic Agriculture Association, DRC Ambassador Charles Mombala-Nzenkou, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Costa Rica to Washington, Marco Ruiz, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Zambia to Washington, zerald peter Nyirenda, The Gabonese Martial Arts Association President Luc Benza and other important guests from nine countries cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony, and the 2012 World Health Industry Conference Forum and the 13th "Health Expo" was officially opened.


During the International forum of the 2012 World Health Industry Conference, as the first speaker at the Forum, Mr. Huang Mingda, Executive President of China Life Engineering Institute, Executive President of China Health Maintenance Association and Executive Chairman of the Conference,on behalf of the Organizing Committee, delivered the “Beijing Declaration”. That Declaration states that 2012 will be a major historic turning point for the world, and the oriental life culture, represented by the Chinese civilization, will cause the third global health care revolution. At the same time,three major transformations of human health are realized: changing from bio-disease medicine model to ecological health medical model; Changing from disease medical industry to health care industry; From Medical Consumption of "Treating disease" to Health Care Consumption of "preventative treatment”

During the 2012 World Health Industry Conference, Professor Carl Heins Riber, Health Ambassador, Chief International Expert, Leading Aerospace Medicine and Health Engineering Expert, and President of the Academy of Life Sciences of Tianneng, Germany, presented a keynote paper on "Meet the Challenges of Human Health in the 21st Century". He started with the original analysis of traditional Chinese medicine, Step by step into the topic of "aging and health", and through a large number of data and theory, reading health problems, solve the long-lived problems, and finally put forward the expectation of "returning to life level, welcoming the new era of health medicine".  


2012 World Health Industry Conference Health Ambassador, Chief Expert of China, Famous Chinese Medicine Expert, Medical Thinker, Master of Chinese Medicine, Ministry of Health and Chinese Medicine Administration, Professor Lu Guangshen, 86 years old, presented the theme report "Health Medicine Model and Wisdom of Oriental Health Care in the 21st Century! LuLao's wonderful speech and original ideas were greeted with clapping.


Following the World Health Industry Conference 2012 - Beijing Declaration and the thematic report “Meet the Challenges of Human Health in the 21st Century”, Chairman of U.S.-China Council for the Promotion of Economic Relations and Trade, President of the American Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, Mr. Bateer, President of the American Academy of International Cultural Sciences and Professor Chu Chengyan, Chinese Medicine Health Care Specialist, Dr. Tahir Eliez, Special Adviser to the President of Albania, Dr. Tahir Eliez, Minister of Pakistan to China, Mr. Zhaji Yamashima, Member of Parliament for the Tokyo Metropolitan District of Japan, and Mr. Aoyama Takayama, President of Japan Uniso and Medical Corporation Ltd, Arab League Representative Dr. Shafi, the current Conference Health Ambassador, Counsellor of the State Department and Vice President of the International Psychological Union Prof. Zhang Houcang, etc., made speeches, praising the excellent declaration and the thematic report of the Conference and its convening.


In a subsequent thematic forum, Zhao Lidong, Executive Chairman of the 2012 World Health Industry Conference and President of the China Health Care Industry Alliance, International Chief Expert of the Congress, Carl Heins Slobob, a leading German medical and health engineering expert, Barter, General Director of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of America, Yao Yiyi, Vice President and Secretary-General of the China Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Tourism Industry Alliance, Zou Far East, Chairman of China Peptide Valley Wuhan Jiushengtang Bioengineering Co., Ltd.; Vice Chairman of China Health Care Industry Alliance; Zhang Tengxin, Vice President of Beijing Health Care Culture Industry Association, Wang Yan, president of Beijing Jingzang Health Science Research Institute, Ren Chuanyu, chairman of Shenyang Love Service Co., Ltd., and Jin Yaozhong, chairman of Confucius Tea Culture Research Center in Qufu, Shandong Province, and Lu Yiyi, chairman of Gongcheng City Jingxiang Tea Source Co., Ltd, Zhang Shujuan, Chairman of Zhejiang Xingtong Handicraft Co., Ltd., Zhang Shujuan, Purple Pavilion Mingxiang, Xu Zhongfang, Chairman of Hengfei Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Li Cheng, Chairman of China Organic Agriculture Industry Development Alliance, Liu Guodong, Taiwan Merchants Investment Enterprise Association Vice Chairman Qiu Ziying, the founder of the international health singing Li Yangfan, Marketing Center Sales Director of Hunan Jinhao Tea Oil Co., Ltd. Wei Mingzhang, all delivered wonderful speech. Prof. Peter Poon, Executive Vice President of the International Business Federation and Hong Kong's Senior Health Care Specialist, Kevin Koo (Gu kaiyuan), General Secretary of the World Health Industry Conference, made a concluding speech at the end of the Conference.


Also present at the meeting were Yang Zipeng, minister of Chinese original light work, Wei Yuming, former vice minister of the Commerce Department, Wu Gang, deputy director of State Administration Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center yue Songdong, vice president and secretary general of the China Association for the Promotion of International Health Care, Wang Tiecheng, vice president of the China Medical Promotion Association, and Zhao Wenxiang, chairman of the China Health and Nutrition Council, executive President of the 2012 World Health Industry Conference / China International Health Industry Expo Secretary-General Hongliguo, General Secretary  of the World Health Industry Conference Kevin Koo (Gu Kaiyuan), National Health Industry Working Committee deputy Director and General Secretary  Hu Guangxue, Liu Zhongjun, president of China Health magazine, and vice chairman of the traditional Wushu committee of the International Wushu Federation, Mr  HEINGREBE.mSTRACY  QI, representative of the Russian Association of Healthcare, Berekov, Robertson the British Health Association,Sheila Ni from Sri Lanka , Wan from Pakistan, Mustafa from Iraq, the representative of Ghana, Helen Mam Lakifi, Hungary's representative Qili, Azerbaijan's representative Hassanoff and his wife, Spanish representative Long Shu Counselor, Tunisia's representative Mohammed Ben Sala, the representative of Kuwait Abdal Muhaxin.lafa, arab league representative Chafei, Mauritania representative KIRYLRUDY, and Belarus representative Rood counsellor, on behalf of the Counselor of Bangladesh, the representative of Indonesia, and so on.


In order to match with the 2012 World Health Industry Conference and in response to the call of the World Health Organization, the organizing committee set up the "World Health Day - Free Clinic Area" in the No.1 Pavilion of the China International Exhibition Center, The World Health Day - Blood Donation Zone was established in front of the Expo and the World Health Day - Public Service Lecture Hall was established in the Forum of the Expo, The three components of "International Forum", "Product Expo" and "Public Welfare Activities" set up by the World Health Industry Conference, have been realized, which has laid a good foundation for the next World Health Industry Conference.


The 2012 World Health Industry Conference is a great industry event held in the context of the global economic downturn, the European debt crisis and the steady growth of China's economy. The year 2012, also in the West, when the Mayans predicted the end of the world (symbolizing the decline of the West) in China, the Year of the Dragon (symbolizing the rise of the East), at the World Health Organization's World Health Day (April 7), three points meet for the first time in that global health industry event. This is a turning point in history that marks the gradual decline of the West and the rise of the East, as well as a turning point in the history of the East's culture of keeping in good health, which has gradually replaced the West's culture of healing. It opens the door to wealth and health in the fifth wave of wealth in the 21st century. Its effects will be felt in political, economic, cultural, ideological and medical fields. We believe that the "World Health Industry Conference" has been pushed to the tide of history. Everyone involved in it, can feel and grasp the pulse of history, can become the era of joy. As Xu Guiyi, an old scientist with the health industry, said in a live interview with China Central Television: This conference is a wake-up call for human health, The Conference is an important assembly of the twenty-first century, as well as of the whole world, and a great World health industry Conference, which has played an important role in the development of the world towards health.



The international forum of the 2012 World Health Industry Conference and the opening ceremony of the thirteenth "health fair"


Cao Zeyi, President of the 2012 World Health Industry Conference and former Vice Minister of Health, delivered the opening speech


CEO Geoffrey Jeffery, International Representative and Chief Executive Officer of the American-China Health Products Association, addressed his speech


Mr. Zhao Xuliang, President of the Congress of China and President of Zhang Guang 101, delivered a speech


The moderator read messages from Jia Qinglin, President of the National Committee of the CPPCC; German Chancellor Angela Merkel; Singapore President Chen Qingyan; WHO Representative Lan Ruimin, and others.



Key Guests from nine countries have been invited to open the 2012 World Health Industry Conference

Huang Mingda, executive chairman of the general assembly and Chairman of the Chinese Health Association,delivered the “Beijing declaration” of the WHIC

Karl Hines, the International Chief expert of Conference, and the famous health engineering expert, made a presentation on “the challenges of human health in twenty-first Century”



Lu Guangshen, Chief Expert of China, Famous Chinese Medicine Expert and Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine,delivered a speech on "Healthy Medicine Model and Oriental Health Care Wisdom in the 21st Century

The Chairman of the U.S.-China Council for the Promotion of Economic Relations and Trade and President of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of the United States, Mr.Barter, made a speech



Chu Chengyan, President of American Academy of International Culture and Health Care, Special Guest of the Conference, delivered a speech


Mr. Aoyama Aoyama, Representative of Japan and Member of Parliament for Tokyo Dobanqiao Prefecture, and President of Japan Uniso Medical Co., Ltd., Japan, delivered a speech



Dr.Taher-Eliz, Special Adviser of the President of Albania, delivered a speech


 Mr. Zakhou, Representative of Pakistan and Minister of State in China embassy, made a speech


Dr. Shafi,t he representative of the Arab League, made a statement


Prof. Zhang Houkang, Ambassador of Health, Counsellor of the State Council and Vice-President of the International Psychological Union, 2012 World Health Industry Conference,made a speech


Zhao Lidong, Executive Chairman of the 2012 World Health Industry Conference and Chairman of the China Health Care Services Industry Alliance, delivered a keynote speech


Hong Liguo, Executive Director of the 2012 World Health Industry Conference, Mr. Kevin Koo (Gu Kaiyuan), General Secretary of the WHIC, together with local and foreign Guests in a photo souvenir