Meeting‘s Info

Meeting‘s Info

The Shanghai-Italy Chamber of Commerce has become one of the launching units

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News: On January 24, 2019, on the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year, the General Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai, Italy, responded to the Secretariat of the World Health Industry Conference and formally became one of the sponsors of the 2019, 8th World Health Industry Conference.


October, 2018, Mr. Gu Kaiyuan and Mr. Pan Yongan, respectively Secretary-General and Vice-Secretary of the World Health Industry Conference attended the "National Launching Conference of Chinese Dragon Dance" in Shanghai, and the “Shanghai-Italy Chamber of Commerce” Xu Yinhe became a strategic cooperation intention. The Italian Chamber of Commerce was invited to act as one of the Launching unit of the 2019, 8th World Health Industry Conference, and the Italy Minister of Health is invited to participate in as a representative of "super-ageing” country to attended the 8th World Health Industry Conference, and then gradually strengthened the communication and trade cooperation between China's large health industry and Italy, which became a historic inevitable choice.




Department of Public Information,
World Health Industry Conference

January 25, 2019


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