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Meeting‘s Info

The World Health Industry Congress observed the human being health wisdom brough

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After the conclusion of the Nineteenth National Congress of People's Republic of China, the report discussion was made on health, which warmly caused dialogue from all over the world. As the World health industry benchmark, the World Health Industry Congress was held six times in Beijing. It is in accordance with many contents of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. At a certain level, the 19th National Congress of People's Republic of China has provided with a preliminary exploration of theory and practice. Let's together pursue the truth.





 Great Health Outlook : A Full Logic of “Living, Sleeping, and Dying”


The report of the Nineteenth National Congress pointed out that "the people' health is an important symbol of nation’s prosperity and prosperity of the country", and put forward “Great Health outlook”, to outline the “blueprint” for a healthy China. “Great Health” Concept is a holistic concept, which is to provide comprehensive care for everyone, including food, clothing, shelter, all-round care of sick and alive. It provides to people with full-cycle health services. In addition, we advocate a healthy and civilized lifestyle.  


Tang Zhongyuan, a Doctor of Hematology at an affiliated hospital of Guangxi Medical University, believes that the idea of “Great health” is consistent with the idea of "keeping in good health" and "preventative disease treatment is in the same line of thought"which has been advocated in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Under the new historical conditions, we have formed a new service system, industry and format that put people in the centre from all aspects of health care, biotechnology, nutrition and health care, finance, insurance, real estate, tourism, hotels and all other types.


Professor Wang Conghu, at the National Institute of Development and Strategic Studies, in the School of Public Administration at Renmin University of China, said: Happiness and health are the eternal pursuit of Human being and the aspiration of every Chinese. For the individual, health is the premise and basis of happiness, ensuring the health of people and building a healthy China is the guarantee for the country to become prosperous. It can be said that “Great Health” Concept is closely linked to the first time when the prosper nation and people become wealthy.



Four years ago, the keynote report of the Second World Health Industry Conference, held in Beijing, pointed out that the major health issues revolved from the human needs related to modern life - food, shelter, transport and daily work, physical health, mental health and environmental health. It includes both the production of health - care agriculture as primary industry and the manufacturing of health - care products as secondary industry, and more relevant industries embodied in the health care and food, health care media, the health care industry and so on, as the tertiary industry. The concept of “health industry” culture development has to establish the principle of first care, first responsibility. Three years ago, the keynote address at the third session of “W.H.I.C.” stated that the widespread use of innovative technologies and modern information technologies had had series of effects on our life philosophy and life style, from Physiology to Psychology, from thought to spirit, from knowledge to action, from body to environment, from family to society. It will inevitably lead to a “Great health” revolution of unprecedented human history, from disease management to health management, and then to the highest levels of quality of life management. The concept of modern “Great health industry” is the top-level design for building diversified and multilevel panoramic health industry chain, which is the outstanding feature of this era.The concept of modern “Great health industry “is the core of great health.



In fact, the World Health Industry Conference in Beijing laid a foreshadowing for the Great Health outlook of the 19th National Congress of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. It comprehensively elaborated what is the Great Health Industry and what are the essence and direction of “Great health”,. At the same time, it also establishes the programmatic path for the construction of health industry chain.

10 trillion health industry: Harmonious development of promotion’s way through traditional Chinese Medicine.


In 2016, the scale of China's“Great health” industry market broke through 3 trillion yuan, reaching the first in the whole world. In 2016-2021 years research report of China's “Great health” industry market operation and industry development trend is as follow. It is estimated that in 2017, the scale of China's health industry is 4 trillion and 900 billion yuan, it will reach 12 trillion and 900 billion yuan in 2021, and the annual average growth rate in the next five years (2017-2021 years) is about 27.26%. Facing the trend development of the health industry, it is also in line with the nineteen major reports guidance.

The reports of the Nineteenth National Congress require for the development of healthy industries and the promotion of healthy China's construction. The major report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward that "We should pay equal attention to Chinese and Western medicine and develop the cause of Chinese medicine." A strong emphasis on the inheritance and development of “Traditional Chinese Medicine“ (TCM) in the "Healthy China Strategy", requires that TCM "adapts to the modern society, meets the demands of industrialization and challenges of internationalization". The Law of People's Republic of China on T.C.M., the first national law for the revitalization of T.C.M. in China, came into implementation since July 1, 2017.



Chairman of the Executive Committee of the W.H.I.C. and Chairman of the “Great Health” China Alliance, Huang Ming Da, proposed for the Strategic Development of Healthy Chinese Medicine Industry in Healthy China, and in line with “One belt, one road”, after the Nineteenth National Congress, China's large health industry will enter a new era of living and globalization of Chinese medicine. Solving the World Problem by Chinese way--Leading the "Great Health" Industry by the Culture of "Great Traditional Chinese Medicine".The third health revolution, which emphasizes the idea of human-oriented and ecological harmony, is based on the endogenous and instinctive human health revolution. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life and healthy life expectancy, which is the fundamental way to solve the human health problem. This new human health revolution will be spearheaded and influenced by China in the whole world.


In 2015, the fourth Beijing World Health Industry Conference keynote report : cross-border transformation, innovation and upgrading the era of “Great health industry”, pointed out that many aspects of industrial models and business models are also prevalent some of their own limitations, not only a major element of the missing, is also a major structural defect. The“Great health industry” has entered the era of top-level design and system integration. It is no longer the era of single fighting or individual combat. If the enterprise desires to enter long term period of development in the field of “Great health industry”, it is necessary to start from the strategic planning and top-level design, from the design of health industry life ”genes”, to strive, build and integrate to the whole ecological chain of “health industry”. It has to pluck and improve the health industry in an all-round way value chain. The " healthy industry ternary organization " of Internet plus”“financial “plus” professional health system”, is expected to become the basic framework for the development of healthy industry in the future.


In 2016 fifth Beijing World Health Industry keynote report "One Belt and one Road" Chinese medicine health international road map top-level design" pointed out that the core value of modern Chinese medicine is" health outlook of harmony between human and nature "and" life culture ecological civilization nature "of the universe. Traditional Chinese medicine is not only the health and well-being of all human being, but also the common wealth of the whole world. T.C.M. does not only focus on the prevention and treatment of diseases, but also focuses on the healthy defense of human health. It will serve as a “worldwide card” of China in the 21st century, across different countries, nationalities, cultures, political systems and religions through the internet and networking, with culture, service, product ,in one “trinity” product, create international port and traditional Chinese medicine, "Chinese Starbucks" chain management system, become "One Belt, one Road" exclusive group and main force. Traditional Chinese medicine will provide a very important Chinese experience and Chinese mode for solving the global medical crisis and the worldwide embarrassed medical reform, with the unique Chinese concept and Chinese wisdom.

It can be said that the World Health Industry Conference held in Beijing has made a clear exposition of the internationalization and modernization of T.C.M., the top level design of traditional Chinese medicine and the status of T.C.M. in the Great health industry. It can truly become the top-level strategy of healthy China.The “world card” of China in twenty-first Century.


It can be said that the World Health Industry Congress held in Beijing has made explicit statements on the internationalization and modernization of Chinese medicine, the top-level design of Chinese medicine, and its position in large health industry. Therefore, Chinese medicine will truly become the top-level strategy of Chinese health.

Beijing W.H.I.C.: Explore the Real Knowledge of Human Health


Set up a heart for the heaven and the earth, make a living for people, make peace for those who go to the Saints, and be open for eternal peace. This deafening declaration in the past is a testament to the six-year“footprint” of the World Health Industry Congress in Beijing, which had been part to the human and universal health.

From Document No. 40 on Health Services to Document No. 46 on Sports Industry, from Food Safety Law to the thirteenth Five-Year Plan on Health Industry, from Healthy China 2020 to Healthy China 2030, from the National Conference on Hygiene and Health, to the 19th National Congress on Hygiene and Health, all the ideas of Beijing World Health Industry Congress report can almost be found in them, and moreover, they are every time in advance released to the world.  

In fact, the World Health Industry Meeting in Beijing, as only the world one of the best, has long been recognized as the highest level of the health industry in the world, and has been born with international“genes”.


The “World Health Industry Conference" (WHIC) is China health and Family Planning Commission of the Chinese Association for international exchange of medical care, health care, Chinese Nutrition Council, Chinese International Health Industry Expo, the China Economic and Trade Association, the American Association of traditional Chinese medicine, the China health care association, Russian-Asian business cooperation center, Moscow Chamber of Commerce and industry, German daily life Research Science Institute, China-Japan Commercial Exchange, South Korea Organic Farming Association, International business Federation, World Health Industry Federation and other relevant agencies jointly launched the World international health industry exhibition activities , composed of three major parts products Expo, public welfare activities, and is regarded as the highest level event of global health industry.

Jia Qinglin, Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Singapore President Chen Qingyan, Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero , former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, General Director of the World Health Organization, and other foreign dignitaries calls were received for congratulation.

Zhou Tienong, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) attended two time to the meeting and announced for its openings. Political and economic leaders and industry experts from nearly 40 countries including the United States, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Cambodia, Pakistan and so on..., have gathered in Beijing, exploring the top-level design ideas of World health industry revolution, its definition, essence, connotation and extension, trans border transformation and innovation upgrading., They are also exploring Traditional Chinese medicine, organic farming, health management, ecological environment, water, Internet“Plus”, small town, precision medical treatment and other branch industries to carry out preliminary landing practice.



April 6-8, 2018, the theme of the 7th World Health Industry Conference will be "Great Traditional Chinese Medicine culture leads through Chinese Characteristics the Development of Healthy Industries". It will be held in Beijing at the International Conference Center, and will be the gateway to the China World major health industries development. This will be a new starting point for Beijing World Health Industry Congress to explore ways and methods of putting great ideas into practice and will really allow health industry serve humanity to benefit from it.

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